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    Zhangjiagang TaiDa Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd. is located in economically developed National Health and civilized cities - Zhangjiagang, the company is a Taiwan-funded enterprises and technological cooperation, scientific research, production, sales as one of strict quality management and perfect after-care services, reasonable market price is a prerequisite for our ability to compete.

    Outstanding excellence of course, in the original technology on the basis of the constant introduction of foreign advanced technology and management methods. Professional manufacturing system metal circular sawing machine, DW series of single Bending Machine, SW Series double-headed bender, SG series of client machine, SG saw blade grinding machine, YW series gantry column crimping machine, hollow riveting machine, chamfering machine series of eight categories nearly 50 varieties of types of pipe, profile machining.

    Our products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, Childs vehicles, fitness equipment, steel furniture, leisure travel supplies, air-conditioning industry, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing, petrochemical piping, sanitary equipment, retractable stainless steel doors and other pipe processing industry production manufacturers, all kinds of pipe, profile cutting, reduced expansion, bending, riveting the ideal processing machinery.
    Companies abide by the strong technical force, high-quality products, reasonable prices and considerate and efficient service as a tireless progressive criteria. Continue with the old and new customers better, newer and more comprehensive technical support.